Social Recruiting Continues Massive Growth, Led by LinkedIn [Infographic]

An interesting new infographic was released from JobVite earlier this month, a company that makes social recruitment software, and It shows a clear picture that social recruiting is continuing to grow at exponetial levels, with LinkedIn acting as the biggest advocate among social networking sites when it comes to finding and hiring new employees.

Chances are, if you’ve hired or have been hired for a job in the last few years knows, social media is now a standard necessity of the recruiting process. I look over copious amounts of data that show LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook playing a crucial role in the hiring process, and numbers are only rising.

The infographic from JobVite shows that 89% of U.S. companies are using social media for recruiting. But how successful is it? The survey shows that 64% of companies said they’ve hired through social media and 55% plan to invest even more in it this year.

One interesting point in the survey showed that while LinkedIn is used by the majority of companies for recruiting, most job seekers actually use Facebook when looking for a job, showing that people are relying on closer, more personal connections to find employment.