New Beginnings: Embarking On a New Journey

In my youthful career, I have passed through various stages, working my way through my lonely newspaper days at the Beacon Hill Times, one of my first jobs out of college. Then, I began to hear the whispers that journalism is a dying art, and those who write will be vanished by computers and humorless voices that sit behind these new, mysterious platforms called blogs.

Well, they were pretty close to right. My dream to become an all-star newspaper writer, were squashed by a dose of reality, and a stack of graduate school loans that someone was going to have to pay off. As these series of events took place, I began to stroll the internet more, taking an interest in marketing, and also began blogging myself. At first, uneventful, I thought to myself often, “who cares what I say?” Well, not many at first, but I kept pressing on, a small start-up down the street from me opened it’s virtual doors and I took interest, something called The Facebook.

This copy cat of a network that dares try to be MySpace, who are these fakers I thought. Well, a month later, I found myself addicted, also blogging even more. In fact, I was so good at it, I began blog coaching, teaching at first my friends, and then fellow employees how we should approach this new medium. At the same time, I was growing my expertise in marketing in the digital space, learning the ins and outs of the online world, such as SEO, PPC, online media, website building, management, email marketing and content writing. This was all so new and exciting, if I only knew what it would soon become.

Long story short, and fast forwarding six years later, one TV station, three agencies, and a successful consulting period, I now stand here today. A digital nut, native, and someone who is about to embark upon a new adventure at

Today, August 1, 2011, was my last day at Edelman. A great agency that I had some of my best experiencs at, from all the creative and intellectual people I was able to work with, great friends I was able to make and memories I’ll take away, an amazing experience. But with departure, comes an amazing opportunity, as I am heading to to become the Global Director of Social Media. A role that is sure to combine all of my digital expertise into one, exciting challenge.

I thank all of those throughout my very young career who have helped me get to where I am today, and look forward moving into the future. For now, it’s off to Los Cabos in Mexico for a short break, and then a fresh start when I return.

See you in a week!